I really don't believe in celebrating Christmas on December 25.

I saw that when he died, he was a Real American Veteran Hero.

He was like Optimus Prime to die in 2005

It was foretold.

Prime number 23

That's why if I'm Roman Catholic, Christmas would be a pagan holiday.

The 2012 movie would be put on Friday the 13, November 2009 by Sony of course.

December 25 is consider the birthday of the Iranian God.

My father's death was like a sacred bull being sacrificed on December 23 since he was the year of the ox.

My mother told me once that my dead father came to her in a dream and told her he want to change religions.

I Googled ancient cults and came up with this one

I see why in Vatican that Mithras is facing the bull and not away. It's Orion rather than Mithras that's killing the bull. People don't under stand is that when the sacred bull is killed you have to face away or the horns might get oneself.