I'm sad and sorry for Japanese people in Japan. I watched Nightline 2011-03-24 and saw people living in cardboards. I was trying to figure in my mind where the 1 microsiemens for Total Dissolved Solids for safe drinking water because tap water is contaminated near Tokyo. But that measurement is millisieverts for nuclear exposure.

So 35 milliamps could kill your heart @ 2.45Megaohms that's 2,450,000,000 Siemens/meter or 2.45 microsiemens. So Stainless Steel is 1 microsiemens with pure water even though pure water is 0 microsiemens. So safe drinking water is 1 microsiemens

100 millisieverts could get you serious cancer

20 millisieverts is minimum

Hopefully Nan Nen wherever you are that American Guy marries you. If he does, then he's a keeper. Stuff like this is disappointing.

の田 "lover" 美少女bishōjo

I found out on 2011-04-06, NAN DEN (楠 田) not NAN NEN (難燃) is o.k. Her family and friends are o.k.